Reactor still going strong

Despite the challenges related to the spread of the coronavirus, the Reactor platform launched with the support of SIBUR for trading recyclable materials keeps business as usual.

Despite the epidemiological challenges in Russia, Reactor, SIBUR’s brainchild platform for trading recyclables, successfully continues its operations. Digital capabilities are the main secret behind the platform’s success, as they offer buyers and sellers a convenient mechanism for interaction. On top of that, the service provides assistance in executing transactions.

Today, the platform counts some 4,500 clients, with more than 1,500 verified announcements posted each month. The traded recyclables include waste paper, plastics, metals, glass, textiles and other materials. Recyclable polymers are the platform’s key focus area.

The platform counts some 4,500 clients, with more than 1,500 verified announcements posted each month

The project serves as an additional tool underpinning the Company’s goal of building a circular economy in Russia. In line with its 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy, SIBUR plans to recycle at least 50% of all waste generated as part of its operations. Based on the current assessment of the recyclables market, SIBUR advocates progressive expansion of the waste recycling industry. To that end, the Company helped establish a platform facilitating the search for new partners and execution of transactions involving recyclable materials.

SIBUR seeks to leverage the capabilities of Reactor to sell its unmarketable and substandard goods that are not fit for their purpose, offering processors a valuable feedstock with predictable properties. SIBUR is also active in engaging its partners to use the platform for selling their waste.

Furthermore, Reactor serves as a quick and transparent tool to stay in touch with the segment of recyclable materials. It gives SIBUR an opportunity to gain more insights into the market, find new partners and closely follow the latest trends. Reactor also handles requests related to waste sorting arrangements and cooperation with the Company in the realm of sustainable development. SIBUR sees the digitalisation of the recyclable materials supply chain as an additional benefit of the platform that will have a positive impact on the market.

Konstantin Rzaev, CEO of EcoTechnologies, commented: “We have been the largest recycler of plastic waste for 15 years now, placing the greatest emphasis on the procurement of recyclable materials for our production site in Tver at attractive prices. The recyclables market remains poorly structured and badly lacking in long-term partnerships, clear rules, as well as pricing and other statistics. A new marketplace enjoying unreserved trust on the part of most market players who would use it by default can revolutionise the ease of doing business in this industry. Today Reactor is the most convenient, promising and rapidly growing platform, which, we hope, will soon bring together all professional recyclers of solid municipal waste.”

For more details on the platform, visit its website.

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