SIBUR Business Practices online platform unveils new webinars for the time of crisis.

In March 2019, we launched SIBUR Business Practices, a special educational platform that has become particularly relevant as the pandemic and lockdown unfolded. More than 2,100 customers have registered on the platform since its launch, in addition to over 2,200 SIBUR employees using it as of today. The platform brings together users from 127 Russian cities and 20 countries worldwide.

As new users keep registering on the platform, it is clear that distance learning is becoming increasingly important. From April to June, the average number of webinar participants grew by 31% as compared to previous months. This is due to both growing demand for online training and trending topics covered by webinars and online lectures on the platform. You are welcome to watch videos of some of our webinars and lectures here:

With our new Partner Expertise project launched earlier this year, we welcome our customers and partners to try themselves as our platform speakers. We have already invited representatives of BCG Moscow, McKinsey, Deloitte, TECHNONICOL, BASF, Sumitomo Demag, PolymerPhysik Russland, and others.

You are also invited to take part in our webinars as speakers, joining SIBUR experts in sharing your best practices and experience with the vast audience of SIBUR Business Practices and your customers.

Since the platform launch, our company has engaged a total of 99 experts, including those of SIBUR, as speakers.

As an effective customer practice development tool, the platform is continuously improving to be more functional and user-friendly. For example, filters have been added to the Training Programmes block to sort programmes by focus area, format and date, and so has a search engine to browse through webinars more conveniently.

In addition, users can now switch to the Programme Calendar presenting the events in an easier-to-use format.

The new Q&A section offers answers to the most common questions.

Another new feature enables the use of tabs, such as Completed, New, Popular, Recommended and Partner Expertise, for a more convenient platform navigation.

SIBUR Business Practices is actively developing. We invite new speakers on a regular basis to provide training on the most essential topics.

We are delighted to present the upcoming webinars open for registration:

Top 5 most viewed webinars in 1H 2020:

1.     Working Remotely in an Efficient Manner featuring a BCG Moscow expert

2.     What Makes an Effective Manager? Tricks of the Trade

3.     Secrets of Successful Negotiation featuring a ChemPartners expert

4.     Emotional Intellect: How to Control Your Emotions featuring a ChemPartners expert

5.     Practical Tools for Efficient Remote Working

Top 3 most viewed online lectures in 1H 2020:

1.     Dreams Come True if You Know These Secrets by psychologist Elena Novoselova

2.     How to Get Your Act Together by Maxim Dorofeev, a consultant on self-organisation and productivity

3.     Personal Financial Plan: Save, Protect, Make More by Sergey Makarov, Advisor to the Russian Ministry of Finance


Inna Zakatova, Froneri Rus:
“Many thanks for the training platform, this year’s present from SIBUR to all of us. It’s a 200% success.”

Elena Loschilova, Tiko Plastic:
“Highly relevant agenda and topics. Thank you so much. It is very important now.”

Tatiana Bondar, Elcom:
“Wonderful. The only thing left to do is to apply the knowledge in practice.”

Ekaterina Kopaeva, Senior Manager, Promotion of Customer-Centric Practices:
“When we started, the platform had as few as three training programmes. We could not imagine back then that it would take so little time to become popular. We ran 60 programmes in 2019 and more than 70 in six months of 2020. Today, we can say with confidence that this is a success story. I believe it became possible due to, among other things, the engagement of both SIBUR experts and invited speakers from among our partners and customers who shared their best practices on the platform.”

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