A robot hired

SIBUR’s Tomsk site, BIAXPLEN T, has started to use KUKA robot manipulator for production purposes.

The robot has replaced workers who manually added labels to the inner and outer sides of BOPP film rolls. The machine identifies the centre point of a roll based on diameter measurements to ensure accurate label application inside it. It then scans the barcode sticker added by the cutters, determines the width of the roll and compares it with its own calculations. If these two match, the robot prints out a label and sticks it to the roll. The robot arm can handle as much as 2,500 t of BOPP films monthly.

“The employees were involved in a number of tasks apart from label application. The robot helped streamline this process and improve labour productivity,” said Evgeny Fedoseev, the facility’s process engineer.

Source: Tomsk Web Newspaper

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