Russian Railways embraces remote communication

SIBUR has appreciated Russian Railways’s efforts to transition to remote communication with partners.

Oleg Makarov

member of the Management Board and Executive Director at SIBUR

Oleg Makarov, member of the Management Board and Executive Director at SIBUR, praised the successful partial transition of Russian Railways to remote working. Digitalisation has enabled an easier way of dealing with the freight carrier on a number of matters. Paperwork, consultations and negotiations are now conducted electronically on both sides of the transportation process. Where face-to-face contacts are necessary, the rail company and its partners agree on the rules they employ to interact at facilities and stations locally. According to freight owners, communication with Russian Railways has become easier, so it is suggested that digital tools remain in place after the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Oleg Makarov said: “Our colleagues are making every effort to ensure operational continuity in spite of the technical challenges we are all facing now. Communication continues uninterrupted as part of the standard course of business. Electronic workflow accelerates paper-based processes such as sending requests for transportation or making payments. Modern technologies help stay in touch with colleagues and hold working meetings and negotiations.” 

Based on materials from the Gudok newspaper

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