An app on plastic

SIBUR supports development of ProPlastic mobile app on polymers.


Available on Android and IOS, the app provides a summary of all polymer types and properties, explains symbols and labelling on plastic products, and helps dispel common myths about them. ProPlastic will tell you whether it is safe to use PET packaging, microwave food in polypropylene containers or buy your kids toys made of PVC.

On top of that, ProPlastic has built-in 2GIS maps showing separate collection points in various Russian cities to help its users quickly find a place to dispose of their plastic waste. 2GIS currently contains information on more than 26,000 containers for separate waste collection and over 12,000 organisations where people can hand in different types of waste.

Plastic is one of the most environmentally friendly materials in terms of its life cycle. Thanks to its light weight, it helps save resources (fuel and energy) consumed in the process of production. Moreover, hydrocarbon-based polymers are 100% recyclable and, after recycling, can be used in consumer goods and medicine. An ordinary plastic bottle can be processed into sportswear or footwear, sports equipment and many other products.


ProPlastic caught the eye of famous bloggers Darya Melnikova and Varya Valovil, who wrote about it on Instagram. Varya Valovil said the app helps quickly get to grips with the labelling on plastic products and commended “nice cards” picturing items that can be produced using recycled materials. Meanwhile, Darya Melnikova noticed that the app tells you which plastic can be heated up or processed and how it can be used afterwards.

You can download the app for IOS

and Android

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