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SIBUR wins Best Service award among Coca-Cola HBC Russia suppliers.

For ten years now, Coca-Cola HBC Russia has been holding the suppliers contest to evaluate its business partners using a number of performance criteria, including quality, service, flexibility, innovation, and proactive approach. The contest is used to help improve long-term relations with suppliers. During the year, Coca-Cola experts collect and process supplier information to make an internal assessment, based on which suppliers receive feedback on their performance. Coca-Cola HBC has over 450 suppliers, with 30 of them nominated for various awards in 2017. SIBUR won the Best Service award, continuing the tradition of success as a Coca-Cola supplier: in 2011, the Company became the Grand Prix winner in the Supplier of the Year nomination.

SIBUR supplies Coca-Cola HBC Russia with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to manufacture packages for soft drinks. PET bottles are eco-friendly due to their recyclability. They are extra light, resistant to heat, aggressive environments and microorganisms, cause no risk of injuries and can also maintain products' flavour and keep them fresh for a long time.

SIBUR wins Best Service award.

The key performance criteria used to select the best suppliers of Coca-Cola HBC Russia are quality, service, flexibility, innovation and proactive approach.

“Each partner’s contribution is crucial to the success of the business. To this end, Coca Cola HBC Russia works to build effective processes as it interacts with thousands of people every day. I am very excited to see that we are rapidly growing, with our contest evolving from a simple award ceremony into an event that allows the company and its customers to get in touch, tackle various issues, and build business contacts. I was also very happy to welcome many new faces at our 10th ceremony and hear some candid feedback from suppliers,” Mikhail Popov, Procurement Manager at Coca Cola HBC Russia, said.

“The award demonstrates that we are on the right track with our customer relations strategy. Over the past year, through joint efforts of our production, service, logistics, dispatching, and marketing teams, SIBUR has brought its cooperation with Coca-Cola to a new level, building excellent communications across the board. Coca-Cola supported our initiatives to develop new products, optimise logistics, and pursue new exciting projects. Our cooperation proved especially fruitful in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup 2018 as we worked with Coca-Cola to order additional supplies and create inventories to meet the growing demand for Coca-Cola products,” commented Petr Kabin, manager of Plastics, Elastomers and Organic Synthesis Division at SIBUR.

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