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Vasiliy Nomokonov, SIBUR’s Management Board member and Executive Director, takes a focus on innovations, Industry 4.0, electronic document flow, polymer recycling and useful new features of this client publication.

Dear Partners and Clients,

The fourth industrial revolution promises drastic changes in how the production sector works. Experts say that 95% of all production and logistics processes will be fully automated in a couple of decades. I believe that the petrochemical industry is ahead of many others here as it has always been strongly automated. This suggests excellent prospects for the industry when it comes to the shift to Industry 4.0. Yet, in petrochemicals, unlike, say, in the banking sector, digital solutions deployed in production are not always and immediately visible to Clients.

SIBUR aspires to keep up with the trends of the fourth industrial revolution. All the Company’s projects in this domain are designed to eventually improve product quality, service excellence and client relations.

SIBUR's Digital Transformation was conceived in a bid to develop a whole lot of innovative technologies, and their number keeps growing. We have already introduced a predictive maintenance function, developed a mobile inspection app, and are testing an augmented reality system able to deliver maintenance expertise from virtually anywhere in the form of guidance for complex tasks. In an attempt to ensure maximum functionality and user-friendliness of our services, we are digitising customer interfaces, including those for order processing, logistics and payment monitoring and handling of e-workflow and customer requests.

Production automation at SIBUR is nearing 90%. And this is a growing trend – plenty of Russian companies are pursuing ambitious projects to deploy the industrial internet, robotics, or digital twins. And some companies are even close to launching cyber-manufacturing formats. Innovations, in SIBUR and across the entire production sector, are the keynote of this issue.

Besides, the September’s edition discusses e-workflow as we expect our sales to fully switch to an electronic document management system. To facilitate the transition for our Clients, we have used an operator's platform to set up a special web page to guide them through the process.

Another topic on the rise is polymer recycling – we have prepared a piece on international best practices in this area and how close Russia can follow. In a new section called Business Practice, we will share engaging and practical ideas and materials on management, marketing, personal and business performance, etc..

Finally, it is for the first time that we offer you an interview with our foreign partner – a top manager of Plasfilms, a UK-based film distributor. From now on, we will publish interviews with both our Russian and international partners as the local context of our business abroad can be really insightful.

Hope you'll enjoy reading this issue!

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