Petrochemical modelling

SIBUR has set up a Technological Modelling Centre (TMC) at NIOST, its R&D division in Tomsk.

The Centre will develop technical solutions to improve equipment performance, boost plant productivity and energy efficiency, and introduce new process flows. Using dedicated software, TMC employees create the virtual prototype of a designed or existing production unit to calculate equipment performance, product composition, and the best process parameters.

Technological Modelling Centre in Tomsk.

The Centre’s tools can be used to both streamline existing processes and design new facilities.

The Centre’s experts have a strong track record in the engineering modelling of chemical and process systems, and successfully address practical challenges associated with the improvement of production efficiency across SIBUR sites. In particular, NIOST carries out annual R&D surveys and examinations at SIBUR sites to generate new ideas on how to improve the operational efficiency of the technologies used. Modelling serves to implement each idea using a dedicated technological solution. An array of projects completed at SIBUR's Voronezh, Perm, Tobolsk and Kstovo sites proves the tool’s effectiveness. The Company has also piloted a project to teach modelling to the sites' staff that will implement TMC models.

“We are now working to build competencies in petrochemical modelling. Our specialists are also set to master modelling of polymerisation and pyrolysis processes which currently face a shortage of competencies both domestically and abroad,” said Vladimir Bushkov, Head of Process Optimisation at SIBUR.

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