ZapSibNeftekhim goes regional

SIBUR held round tables on ZapSibNeftekhim pre-marketing with consumers in Russia's Northwestern and Southern federal districts.

Each year SIBUR organises events to expand the regional sales network, some of which take place in the main federal districts. In July, the Company held two round table discussions in Rostov-on-Don and St Petersburg with the primary goal of keeping tabs on the regional markets and attracting new clients to ZapSibNeftekhim from a yet untapped pool. The round tables included presentations of new grades of polyethylene and polypropylene to be produced at the new plant.

The way SIBUR goes about partner relations (regular events for customers, etc.) allows consumers to receive direct feedback from the supplier regardless of the volumes purchased.

“Regional round tables are a good complement to client events focusing on product segments. This approach enables us to reach the maximum number of clients and communicate important information to most target market participants,” says Natalia Burlina, New Product Sales Manager at SIBUR’s Basic Polymers Division.

From SIBUR’s side, the discussions featured key sales managers as well as product and technological development experts who spoke on the product mix and production technologies. The technical experts made a point of advertising the R&D Centre for development and application of polyolefins, which, if created, will foster cooperation in developing new promising products.

The absolute majority of attendees representing petrochemical companies expressed interest in the Company’s products and a positive view of its business.

“Our cooperation with SIBUR will start soon after the approval of the contract for supply of ZapSibNeftekhim products,” said Elena Litvinova, Deputy Head of Procurement and Logistics at Plastictrade. “The Rostov-on-Don discussion let us meet and talk to the supplier’s representatives, which definitely facilitated the process of establishing a relationship. SIBUR's grades are the best fit our products, so we are looking forward to these deliveries.” The way SIBUR goes about partner relations (regular events for clients, etc.) allows buyers to receive direct feedback from the supplier regardless of the volumes purchased.

Participants of the SIBUR’ event in Sochi.

SIBUR’s managers use these discussions to establish a personal link with clients and get the information needed to make mutually beneficial decisions. In addition, clients supplement SIBUR's big picture view of the market with input on local business, helping the companies better navigate the market.

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