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Gexa Non-Woven Fabrics representatives visited SIBUR’s site in Tomsk.

SIBUR presented the SIBEX PP H270 FF/1 polypropylene grade, which Gexa purchases as basic feedstock for their non-woven material. It was an opportunity to take a look at the entire quality management system and trace the path of a specific product batch from feedstock and additive assessment to shipping of the end product.

High MFI phthalate-free fibre grades for a wide variety of non-woven materials (e.g. sanitary products, agrotextiles, and construction fabrics) were developed by SIBUR’s team at the Tomsk site in cooperation with NIOST experts. Products made from these fibres meet the market's environmental requirements and are recyclable.

“We are open to customers and strive to make them more aware of what our production process looks like, what we do to ensure quality, and how we handle customer requests,” said Lyudmila Kuzmina, Head of Customer Technical Support at Tomskneftekhim.

Gexa’s representatives at SIBUR's Tomsk site. Photo:

“We were able to assess the production, logistics, and quality management processes,” said Olesya Banaeva, Leading Engineer of Quality Assurance at Gexa Non-Woven Fabrics. “SIBUR’s Tomsk site is consistently improving its quality management procedures and is part of Russia’s largest polypropylene supplier. Following a partner audit, we recognised the superb quality management system of the Tomsk site and made it our authorised supplier.”

Gexa launched its first production facility back in 1998. Today, the company is a leader in the Russian non-woven material market. Gexa offers non-woven, thermally bonded, and other polymer-based materials for construction, healthcare, agriculture, and other industries. Currently, the company’s output stands at 12 ktpa. SIBUR and Gexa have been partners since 2009.

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