New opportunities in e-commerce

Services functionality added to clients’ Personal Accounts.

This September, a webinar was held via the SIBUR Business Practices platform to raise customer awareness about a new e-commerce functionality in their Personal Accounts. A recording of the webinar is available here. SIBUR employees received feedback and answered questions fr om participants in real time.

The Services functionality offers clients the ability to immediately order value-added and other related services via the Personal Account interface

“The webinar on e-commerce functionality was interactive. Over the course of the webinar clients asked plenty of questions, showing a keen interest in the topic. This way, we were able to answer questions from webinar participants in real time throughout the event and tailor its content to what clients needed to know the most, including interactively walking them through, step-by-step, how to use a specific feature, directly via the interface. As a result, the webinar’s content was presented in the most clear and comprehensible way for the participants,” highlighted Alexander Teplinsky, Development Manager (Development of Business and New Technologies at SIBUR). Based on the webinar’s results and positive feedback from participants, we have decided to hold the event on a regular basis.

In particular, the webinar discussed a new feature, Services, added to Personal Accounts in the summer of 2020. “SIBUR clients have access to a set of free services tailored to each individual client. To make them as transparent, comprehensible and convenient as possible for clients, we have added the Services functionality to their Personal Accounts,” said Alexander Teplinsky. “With this functionality, clients can see all the services available to them at any time, and can apply for them directly via their Personal Accounts. Any applications are automatically forwarded to a manager for confirmation and, wh ere necessary, to discuss any additional terms with the client. In particular, the new functionality allows users to subscribe to the electronic document management service, or apply for training in any SIBUR product, among other services. Additionally, the client can see which services were provided previously directly from the Services tab.”

The new tool ensures the transparency of additional options and services offered by SIBUR to its clients. All services are readily available to clients via a separate tab.

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