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SIBUR's Krasnoyarsk-based facility launches production of latex for industrial-grade gloves.

Сarboxylated nitrile butadiene latex is used to manufacture industrial-grade fabric-back gloves. Unlike natural rubber latexes, it is hypoallergenic and offers higher resistance to organic solvents. Its formula has been developed by a team of researchers, including experts from SIBUR's NIOST, R&D and test centres in Voronezh and Krasnoyarsk, over the course of two years.

Tests proved that the laboratory samples meet Russian and international producer requirements for latexes used in industrial-grade gloves.

October 2017 saw the first pilot batch of latex manufactured by the polymerisation unit, and based on positive test results, the Company decided to send latex samples to consumers for homologation. Commercial production of carboxylated nitrile butadiene latex is scheduled to kick off next year.

“The new product in the facility's offering is set to become a promising area of business in the upcoming years,” said Denis Alimanov, Head of Operations at the Krasnoyarsk site. ”By introducing to the domestic market a unique product similar to those of foreign competitors, the facility contributes to the successful implementation of the national import substitution programme.”

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