Art of bundling

SIBUR embarks on a wider roll-out of bundle offers for major clients.

With its broad product portfolio, SIBUR is in a position to offer bundle supplies to satisfy client needs for several product categories at once. This is especially relevant for large FMCG companies.

Bundle offers will enter a new stage after ZapSibNeftekhim is launched, which will expand the product portfolio further, bringing about new attractive market offerings.  

“SIBUR identified such clients' needs and concluded that for them the best option would be to bundle offers from several facilities of the Company at once. For example, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for plastic bottles can be supplied by the Tver and Blagoveshchensk sites, and films for labels can be provided by BIAXPLEN,” commented Natalya Malkova, Chief of Multinational Sales at BIAXPLEN.

As an example, a bundle offer has been designed for the Russian producers of adhesive tape: along with BIAXPLEN’s films, SIBUR provides them with butyl acrylate used to produce adhesive for tapes. Previously, the companies purchased ready-made adhesives from foreign manufacturers at higher prices. “For the Russian producers of adhesive tape, it was the second step forward SIBUR made a direct contribution to. SIBUR’s bundle offer promoted most companies' growth making them migrate from merely cutting the rolls of imported adhesive tape to manufacturing their own products. Currently, these companies conform to European quality standards, keep improving their product and expanding product mix. They even consider exporting end products,” said Natalya Malkova.

Storage of finished products. Shelving, cellular storage of finished products BIAXPLEN.

To explore the market and introduce new bundle offers, SIBUR has adopted cross-functional collaboration between its business segments helping to opt for the best client strategy. Last year, the Company developed a pool of potential "inter-divisional" clients and shortlisted products that might potentially be of interest for them. Technically, this approach is enabled by a CRM software system coordinating managers from different business segments.

SIBUR also informs the clients of the current offers, as many companies are used to dealing with a certain SIBUR’s business segment and have never thought of manufacturing of other products they need. According to Natalya Malkova, after bundle offers for bulk orders from FMCG companies (justifying development costs), SIBUR is actively promoting them to other client categories.

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