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SIBUR’s Perm subsidiary kicked off construction of a dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) production facility

On 22 November, SIBUR celebrated the driving of the first pile of its future 100 ktpa facility for the production of dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP), a general-purpose plasticiser. Production is scheduled to start in 2019.

Today, the Russian market of common plasticisers faces a shortage of about 60 ktpa.

Dioctyl terephthalate is a common plasticiser used in a variety applications such asthe production of cable compounds, rubbers, artificial leather, industrial rubber products, polymer construction materials, linoleum, film and sheet materials, packaging films, PVC seals for refrigerators, workwear, cellulose ethers, polystyrene and for other purposes. DOTP is a key component in floor and roof coatings, wallpaper, cable compounds and other construction products. Today, the Russian market of common plasticisers faces a shortage of about 60 ktpa, which is primarily covered with supplies from Europe. SUBUR’s Perm-based project is one more step towards substituting a major part of imported products and subsequently enabling the plasticiser suppliers to tap into the export markets.

Maxim Reshetnikov, Perm Territory Governor, emphasised that SIBUR’s project is a clear example of how the country’s import substitution policy is being implemented. “It is important that equipment for the future production facility will be sourced from local contractors and suppliers, which will create new jobs both at the production facility and in other segments of the local economy. I am sure that the project will have a positive impact on the Perm Territory's economy.”

“The DOTP project in Perm is yet another step along the import substitution path in Russia’s petrochemical industry implemented by SIBUR,” said Mikhail Karisalov, SIBUR’s COO. “After commissioning, our offering for construction segment customers will include advanced solutions conforming to European standards”.

The solemn ceremony of the beginning of the construction.

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