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It has been more than a year since the educational platform was first launched. In that time, our subscribers have learnt a lot of new things, and so have we. 2020 will see further improvements in the platform services, with new topics and educational formats added based on the feedback of our partners, i.e. your feedback.

New services

We keep improving our platform to make it more fit for purpose and user friendly. The Training Programmes block now has filters to sort programmes by focus area, format and dates, while also featuring a search engine to browse through webinars more conveniently. It suffices to choose one of the three topics (SIBUR’s Products, Effective Production and Management Practices) and suitable training dates or format (webinar, video lectures, classroom training and online courses) to see the full list of programmes matching your criteria. If you know an approximate name of the training course all you have to do is type it in the search line!

Filters sorting programmes by focus area, format and dates help find the required course or webinar quicker.

As part of the Partner Expertise project customers can become platform speakers and have the chance to share experiences.

Another innovation is the introduction of Completed, New, Popular and Recommended markers, which will make it easier for visitors to navigate through the platform. The New marker will keep you updated on our latest developments so that you don’t miss anything important. The Recommended marker will show the programmes that you believe will suit you best. Once you are done studying a material, it will be marked as Completed, helping you to sort out the information you have already learnt.

The New and Recommended markers will help you find the most up-to-date and relevant programmes.

Making webinars available in two languages (Russian and English) is yet another step towards meeting the needs of our customers, including those from abroad.

Partner Expertise

With our new Partner Expertise project, we invite all customers to try themselves as the platform’s speakers. If your company has interesting practices or approaches you would like to share, feel free to join us! For all questions on the Partner Expertise project write to or call +7 495 777 5500 (ext. 4928) or +7 926 267 4316 (Anastasia Salnikova).

The project’s first webinar saw Tatiana Dovluru, head of marketing and Polymer Membranes and PIR at TECHNONICOL Corporation, and Ekaterina Kopaeva, Head of Customer Engagement and Promotion of Customer-Centric Practices at SIBUR, speak about customer experience and its decisive role in the digital age, sharing details on how to develop new segments and make partners happy.

A recording of the webinar is available at

It’s always easier with two languages

Making webinars available in two languages (Russian and English) is yet another step towards meeting the needs of our customers, including those from abroad, more fully. The new format makes it possible to invite international experts thus increasing the number of potential speakers.

On 13 March, the first webinar of this kind titled “Advances in Bio-Based Polymers” was staged, with technical experts Luijkx Romain and Dmitry Kremnev speaking about promising markets and the industry’s success stories, including those spearheaded by SIBUR.

A recording of the webinar is available at

The first bilingual webinar took place on 13 March.

Business is a sport in its own right

February saw the launch of a series of webinars hosted by sport stars.

The first speaker was Grigory Drozd, a former kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion, Vice President of the Russian Muay Thai Federation and a member of the Russian Civic Chamber. On 6 February, he hosted a webinar titled “A Victory on the Boxing Ring and in Business”. In case you missed out on this powerful message on a will to win, make sure to watch the webinar recording. Also don’t forget to read our announcements, as we have plenty of valuable information in store for you, including know how from champions who know the pathway to success and recognition.

Spring schedule

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sign up for our spring webinars!

Efficient control for successful teamwork – 01 April – New

How to survive in the world of stress – 09 April – New

How to get your things sorted out – 10 April – Popular

Working remotely in an efficient manner – 14 April – Recommended

Practical tools for efficient remote working – 16 April – Recommended

Acceptance of liquid cargo: quality, quantity. Regulation of interaction in the event of discrepancies – 17 April – New

Trip to the Future was recognised as the best skill development course in 2019 by THE BEST E-LEARNINING RUSSIA.

Trip to the future

We invite you to take our e-learning course titled “Trip to the Future. Fundamentals of Customer-Oriented Policies”, which was developed to expand and promote client loyalty know how by using a wide range of training formats.

As one example, this course employs a rich array of story-telling and gamification tools. All four modules are held together by a single plotline focusing on what our world would look like in more than 100 years from now. The participants will engage in an exciting race to land a tender contract from a large company as a fuel supplier for a new series of spacecraft.

Trip to the Future was recognised as the best skill development course in 2019 by THE BEST E-LEARNINING RUSSIA.

We wish you a pleasant journey to the world of the future!

We also invite you to sign up for our upcoming video lectures:

- Dreams Come True if You Know These Secrets by psychologist Elena Novoselova

- How Gadgets Are Changing Our Working Environment by Ilya Balakhnin, an expert in new media

- How to Get Your Act Together by Maxim Dorofeev, a consultant on self-organisation and productivity

- ????????????????? by ???????????????

1. Emotional intellect: how to control your emotions

2. Secrets of self-organisation

3. Occupational burnout: how to get over it?

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