New rubber grades

Voronezhsintezkauchuk has launched a new rubber grade.

Elastomers R&D Centre at SIBUR’s Voronezh site developed a new grade of high-viscosity polybutadiene rubber (BR-ND HV) for tyres with enhanced end-user performance. The material was tested by a leading tyre manufacturer and approved for production.

The new grade is intended for high-quality car tyres that would meet all manufacturers’ requirements.

The new grade responds to the growing demand for tyres with greater grip and reduced energy loss from rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Lower rolling resistance helps cut down both fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Voronezhsintezkauchuk researchers managed to create high-viscosity polybutadiene rubber with an optimal set of properties, such as high processability for rubber mixtures and the end product's improved elastic hysteresis, physical and mechanical properties.

A briquette of high-viscosity polybutadiene rubber (BR-ND HV).

The product is intended for high-quality car tyres that would meet all manufacturers’ requirements for speed, road safety, eco-friendliness and cost effectiveness.

“Our products enjoy strong demand on the global rubber market, with about 60% of them exported to Europe, Asia and America. Our customers are the world's largest tyre manufacturers, which have stringent quality requirements for raw materials. To meet these requirements, we need to continue developing. We conduct research, expand and improve the product range, and create new rubber grades for high-quality and eco-friendly tyres,” said Alexey Averkov, Head of R&D at Elastomers Centre.

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