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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies to embrace work-from-home arrangements. Businesses that had their digital systems in place prior to the outbreak are better positioned for this transition.

SIBUR launched its digitalisation effort long ago to keep up with the current trends of sales process digitalisation and automation and of accelerated interactions in the supply chain. The Company and many of its clients have implemented innovative tools and solutions to boost efficiency and speed, cut costs and reduce risks. Some of the key systems include the e-workflow, alternative document signing within the Company, and e-Commerce.

The average usage rate of B2B e-Commerce platforms in Russia is 20–25% whereas for SIBUR's platform this figure is 82%.

For example, a few years ago SIBUR did a full revamp of its CRM-system. This helped ensure uniformity of work processes across the Company’s offices and production sites thanks in part to bilingual language support in Russian and English. In addition, the updated CRM-system made it possible to not only register customer requests on a variety of subjects, but also to process them in the system, with the involvement of all relevant services. On the basis of our e-Commerce system, we are creating an independent digital platform, where users will be able to perform most of the actions without the help of a SIBUR representative. They will be able to register, place an order, issue an invoice, check payments and balances, request a reconciliation statement, and much more. The platform will have a mobile version, meaning the account can be easily accessed from a smart phone. It is an extremely user-friendly solution that was developed in close dialogue with our clients. Based on the platform’s usage rate, our efforts have paid off. According to experts, the average consumer usage rate of B2B e-Commerce platforms in Russia is 20–25%, whereas for SIBUR's platform this figure is 82%. The Company is working to increase that to 90%.

Digital tools help SIBUR ensure continuous interaction with the clients and build efficient processes to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace.

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