An essential business

Manucor and SIBUR’s joint venture in Italy stays open with a 15% increase in capacity utilisation.

Manucor S.p.A., a European BOPP film manufacturer in which BIAXPLEN holds a 50% stake, is allowed to remain open thanks to its status of a strategically important business.

As an officially recognised manufacturer of essential goods, Manucor is implementing extra safety measures. While maintaining uninterrupted production, the company has increased its capacity utilisation by 15% to meet higher demand.

Manucor plant in Italy with a capacity of 100 ktpa of BOPP film. Photo:

In order to combat the spread of COVID-19, Italy has halted all non-essential production. The list of essential goods includes foods that are packaged using BOPP films. The material's high barrier properties and competitive price serve to boost its demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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