Back on the market

In response to client requests, SIBUR resumes Krasnoyarsk-based production of nitrile rubber and PVC blend.

After a two-year break, SIBUR has resumed the production of its nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) latex (grade SKN-26PVH-30). It is designed for a wide range of industrial rubber products and cables and has improved durability and resistance to aggressive environments and heat ageing. The production was suspended in late 2014 with the closure of the Volgograd-based Khimprom, Russia’s only latex producing plant. However, the demand remained strong, as consumer requests for NBR/PVC were coming from not only Russia but also China, which buys more than 70% of volumes produced at the Krasnoyarsk site, which is home to a joint venture between SIBUR and Sinopec.

The preparatory stage, which focused on finding a new latex producer to replace the now non-existent Khimprom, took more than a year. SIBUR’s labs tested samples of many plants, including those based in Europe and Southeast Asia. However, the winner chosen during the testing was RusVinyl, a JV between SIBUR and Solvay.

The first pilot lots of the SKN-26PVH-30 rubber are already out and have been sent to consumers for testing. “In terms of its physical and mechanical properties, the NBR/PVC is fully in line with the required specifications. We currently see that the consumer tests are successful, with no questions about quality,” said Denis Alimanov, Head of Operations at the Krasnoyarsk site.

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