In Q2 2021, personal accounts were launched on the platform; also, a personalised webinar calendar and more user-friendly smart search function has been added.

The first half of 2021 turned out to be eventful for the SIBUR Business Practices training platform. Over the past 6 months, 93 training programmes took place, including 76 webinars, 6 video lectures and 11 online courses. According to the latest figures, more than 11 thousand users are already registered and have taken training on the platform. The Development of Customer Practices unit constantly improves this resource to make it more convenient for users and to grow its audience.

New services

“Feedback is a key source of information for us: it helps us to fine-tune the platform and improve its functionality,” said Ekaterina Kopaeva, Senior Manager at Customer Practices Development. “We carefully analyse all the feedback we receive and try to satisfy even the most ambitious of wishes.”

In Q2 2021, personal accounts were launched on the platform to make it even more comfortable for users; also, a personalised webinar calendar was added featuring all the sessions that you have already registered for.

In addition to this, once logged in, you can find statistics and lists of programmes that you have signed up to or already taken, directly from your account.

A whole suite of new additional services has been added to the platform. One of them is the ability to access the entire set of course materials directly from the curriculum page: this includes the speaker's presentation, videos and the necessary worksheets.

Meanwhile, a new and more user-friendly smart search function has been added. Depending on the characters entered into the search bar, the system will display different results to the user. Search results can also be grouped by training format: webinar, video lecture or online course.

The Training Programs page has also had a revamp – navigating the platform has never been more simple. From this page, the participant can choose their desired training format (webinar, video lecture, online course or in-person training) and can take a look at the list of programmes in each section using filters and a section search function.

The platform still allows the user to view all available programmes in a list, regardless of the format – simply click on the All Programs button.

We launched an English-language version of the platform in 2021. Here is a selection of most interesting programmes that were held in English, or with simultaneous interpretation into English: recordings of the sessions are available to be viewed at your leisure.

Management workshop: the art of negotiations, 537 participants. For more information, please see Negotiations: lifehacks from the professionals.

Mentoring management workshop, 214 participants. For more information, please see Mentoring: between shadowing and coaching

The SIBUR for Clients DISCUSSION CLUB, 127 participants.

A number of webinars were also dedicated to company products, and involved SIBUR International experts and foreign partners:

Recycling for blow molding

Market trends in the plastic film industry

BIAXPLEN BOPP films: flexible packaging and labels

Raw materials and additives for polyolefin films production

Innovations in caps and closures

Use of functional additives for polymer properties control

New developments in bopp films portfolio

New training programmes

Keep up to date with the most interesting industry topics by registering for upcoming events or watching the recordings of those that have already taken place:

Online courses

Try our new online courses:

Developing public speaking skills

Risk management

Sales and negotiation techniques

Sales channel management

Strategic marketing planning

Sustainable development

Training programmes by section

Management practices

03.08.2021 – 2nd “DISCUSSION CLUB” of “SIBUR for Clients” online magazine no.20: ecological projects in petrochemistry

Broadcast in Russian and English

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