Efficient solutions for ZapSib

TECHNONICOL is engaged to provide solutions for construction of SIBUR’s petrochemical facility.

TECHNONICOL Corporation is a leading international producer of reliable high-performance construction materials and solutions. The company and SIBUR share a lasting strategic partnership. SIBUR does not only supply polymers to TECHNONICOL which uses it as a key component of its many building materials, it also purchases end products fr om it.

One of the examples of their cooperation is the construction of ZapSibNeftekhim, the largest Russian petrochemical facility, wh ere SIBUR uses TECHNONICOL's engineering solutions and waterproofing materials. These include, among other things, roofing and ventilated facades of the off-site facilities as well as fire-resistant and insulation cylinders and mats for pipelines and units.

ZapSibNeftekhim also employs technological solutions developed by TN-Engineering, a TECHNONICOL’s division.

The choice of materials was determined by the project requirements, that is to ensure reliability and durability of the constructions, to comply with the industry safety and quality requirements, as well as to have the best deal in terms of delivery, time and expenses.

One of the key arguments for engaging TECHNONICOL was that the company provides guarantee for its products. The company’s staff supervised all stages of the works, from development to delivery of project solutions, with TECHNONICOL’s quality control team's assistance available on site.

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