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Research: businesses in Russia are ignorant of digital technologies.

According to a Facebook survey, 76% of companies in Russia consider digital promotion a key factor of business growth. However, although the internet keeps developing, 90% of businesses are willing to operate only in Russia

Facebook, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and GfK conducted a study on the readiness of Russian companies to develop in the digital environment. According to the survey, 76% of companies view digital promotion to be the key driver of business growth. To find and grow their audience, 40% of respondents primarily use online tools, while 51% of those who do not use social networks for business purposes yet, plan to do so.

Russian entrepreneurs lack education in digital technologies and need to use the mobile-first approach to business.

Still, Russian entrepreneurs admit their ignorance of digital technologies and need to use the mobile-first approach to business. For example, only 53% of the companies have a mobile version of their websites, but over 60% of respondents adapt online ads to various devices. Half of the respondents think about tapping into international markets (30% of them focus on CIS), with 90% willing to operate only in Russia.

According to Uliana Zinina, Head of Public Policy for Russia and CIS at Facebook, in Russia, like in any other country, small and medium-sized businesses rely by and large on digital channels and tools in their start-up and growth. In her opinion, the economic status of a country largely depends on how well its business operates in the digital environment.

Uliana Zinina says that nowadays, Facebook is used as a platform for communication with customers by as much as 90 million companies worldwide, with 41% of network users in Russia following at least one foreign company and 46% – at least one Russian company.


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