In the Q&AS section, our top managers answer the most interesting and relevant questions from our readers sent in via our official social-media accounts.

How will the new, combined company build its relations with customers?

I am a processor. Will my long-term contract need to be renewed? Can a single contract be signed?

Where can I find SIBUR’s eco-trail? (Instagram)

Where exactly was the fabric for the SIBUR × WOS joint collection produced? And where exactly were the clothes made from this fabric? (Instagram)

Tell us about SIBUR’s plans for recycling post-consumer polypropylene. (Facebook)

What is SIBUR’s actual contribution to environmental protection? (Facebook)

What is SIBUR’s strategic objective behind the transaction? What prompted the company to make this decision?

Will TAIF’s investment program be modified after the transaction?

This transaction will basically make SIBUR a monopoly player in the Russian petrochemicals market across a big variety of products. How will this affect manufacturers at further processing stages?

What will be the target market of the consolidated company? What market share will it capture?

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