Focus on BOPP

BIAXPLEN closes the sale of its cast polypropylene film production facility in Novokuybyshevsk.

The cast polypropylene film production site in Novokuybyshevsk, Samara Region, was acquired by Planeta Centre. The investor plans to invest in its further development. The company has extensive relevant expertise, having been producing cast films in Omsk for 10 years. With increased capacity, Planeta Centre will be well positioned to grow the end product market and expand its product portfolio. In the long term, SIBUR will remain the key supplier of polypropylene to the Novokuybyshevsk facility.

The disposal of a non-core asset will allow BIAXPLEN to focus on the production of BOPP films and grade range expansion.

The disposal of the smaller 5 ktpa non-core asset will allow BIAXPLEN to focus on its large-scale production of BOPP films and grade range expansion.

Cast non-oriented polypropylene (CPP) films are mainly used for packing bakery and noodle products, textiles and cosmetics, but have low cold resistance and are not suitable for storing frozen foods. BOPP films, on the other hand, have a wider application. They are used in the food, perfume, tobacco, paper & pulp, and light industries. BOPP films are becoming increasingly popular globally thanks to the low production costs and strong barrier properties that extend products' shelf life.

BOPP film production at BIAXPLEN’s facility in Novokuybyshevsk.

“Our focus lies on the production of BOPP films and expanding the range of promising packaging types. With the NIOST R&D centre in Tomsk and the recently launched PolyLab in Skolkovo where we work with our customers to develop unique solutions for specific consumer needs, SIBUR is well-equipped to meet the changing demands of its clients,” said Marat Falyakhov, Executive Director at BIAXPLEN.

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