BIAXPLEN new film grades

BIAXPLEN launches new film grades for self-adhesive labels and confectionery and tobacco packaging.

In 2019, BIAXPLEN partnered with its clients and SIBUR’s R&D centres to develop new films for a number of consumer segments.

Through its continued cooperation with clients and SIBUR’s NIOST and PolyLab R&D centres, BIAXPLEN works to deliver innovative products.

Unique for the Russian market, SOIL (pearl) and STG (transparent) label films are fused directly into polypropylene containers and do not require adhesives. These labels contribute to sustainable development and reduce carbon footprint through better feedstock efficiency and recyclability.

A LOBB film for fully wrapped labelling increases the output of finished (printed) labels by 10% compared to LOBA (standard pearl film for fully wrapped labelling) due to lower film weight. The grade has undergone consumer testing and is supplied to key manufacturers of bottled soft drinks.

A new TSHS tobacco film with better thermal shrinkage resistance designed specifically for high-speed packaging equipment helps improve visual properties of the end product.

A HOHG film grade for confectionery can be used to produce resealable packaging for chocolate bars. It retains the product’s consumer properties and complies with the current packaging and food safety requirements.

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