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  1. The Fixies on plastics

    ... lives. Animators can explain these simple but very important rules in a clear and accessible manner, reaching out not only to children, but also to adults (even I enjoyed watching this animated cartoon). I think we did a good job after all,” said Pavel Lyakhovich, Managing Director at SIBUR. The episode uploaded on The Fixies' official YouTube channel gathered over three million views in the first few weeks. Click here to watch the episode .

  2. EPCA 2019

    ... Ann Vereecke (Vlerick Business School) and EPCA delegates brainstorming at the Digital Café. As part of the conference, SIBUR also hosted a client event for current and potential business partners at AXICA, a congress and convention centre. Pavel Lyakhovich, member of the Management Board and Managing Director at SIBUR, and Marat Avetisov, Sales Director of SIBUR's Plastics, Elastomers and Organic Synthesis Division, made a presentation about the Company’s implemented projects and development ...

  3. Planning ahead

    In an interview with Rupec, Pavel Lyakhovich , member of the Management Board and Managing Director at SIBUR talks about the Company’s plans to gradually evolve from a petrochemical to chemical producer, explains why rubber projects continue to be investment-worthy, and argues ...