Webinars for Clients

SIBUR launches educational webinars for clients.

SIBUR is committed to fostering mutually beneficial relations with its partners, which it does by enhancing cooperation, loyalty, and client experience. To that end, the Company has launched a client training initiative. The pilot webinar took place in July and was devoted to Standard Management Practices (SMP). Organised by the Customer Engagement and Promotion of Customer-centric Practices department, the training session was attended by the Basic Polymers Division and BIAXPLEN clients. During the 1.5 hour webinar Yulia Kuznetsova, Senior Expert of the Corporate University, told the participants about the main SMPs. The feedback was positive, with the satisfaction survey yielding 9.1 points out of 10.

The partners’ keen interest in training has prompted SIBUR to adopt a different approach to webinars, which may soon be held on a regular basis.

“Educating customers is our priority: their success makes SIBUR stronger. In fact, it is a perfect moment for us, now that the Company has developed some practices and is eager to share them. The results of the pilot project were strong, and we are now looking into making remote training sessions a regular exercise. A platform is being developed where customers will be able to register for webinars or classroom training on SIBUR's Production System,” said Ekaterina Kopaeva, Head of Customer Engagement and Promotion of Customer-centric Practices.

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