TPE for the future

SIBUR’s Voronezh site to boost the output of thermoplastic elastomers.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are mostly used in construction, roof coating production, road works and other industries. To meet their demand, SIBUR plans to boost the output of TPE at its Voronezh site by 50 ktpa (from 85 to 135 ktpa).

One of TPE’s key application areas is the production of polymer-bitumen binders (PBB), which are part of the road pavement’s top layer. PBBs help to extend time between repairs from 3–4 years to 7–10 years.

The project has already been approved by Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review (Glavgosexpertiza) and the Company’s Investment Committee.

The new facility will leverage the most advanced technologies measuring to the highest environmental standards and the best global practices. The project's general designer is NIPIgaspererabotka, a leading Russian centre for facility design, procurement, logistics and construction in the petrochemical industry.

The project's key deliverables comprise expanding the range of grades applied in roofing and road construction, and adding new grades for compounds and adhesives. SIBUR plans to supply the products to both domestic and international markets.

“With new capacities to be put on stream, SIBUR will be able to fully meet the prospective domestic demand by supplying high-quality products and services to various industries. On top of that, we will keep tapping into the European TPE market, with new grades set to boost our export potential,” commented Pavel Lyakhovich, SIBUR's Managing Director.

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