Prototype web series

SIBUR has released a web series on how a petrochemical plant is going digital.

Prototype, a sitcom featuring two co-workers, an IT specialist and a production employee, transforms the idea of monotonous and dull work in a giant corporation. The main characters Pavel and Nikolay, who are like oil and water, work in the same team and have only a short span of time to come together to solve a complex problem by creating a new mobile app. Six episodes will show you how app development, drone launches and augmented reality bring together office developers and facility employees.

All episodes are available on SIBUR’s official YouTube channel here.

The filming took place on the Company's premises and involved not only professional actors but also SIBUR employees.

The Prototype web series seeks to attract forward-thinking specialists and developers to the Company. The project allows potential job seekers to learn more about the tasks performed at the Company and to realise the vast array of creative opportunities available.

The filming took place on the Company's premises.

The Prototype series has amassed over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

“Digital products, scrum, and IT breakthroughs are yet to be associated with large manufacturing companies, including those in the petrochemical industry. At SIBUR, we bring together industrial hardware and the digital angle to create digital chemistry. The series shows new focus areas at production facilities that pop up due to industrial digitalisation, ranging from developing mobile apps for equipment monitoring, launching drones to check the environmental situation in the region, and creating an expert system for supporting decision-making that helps operators see the economic impact of their actions,” said Alisa Melnikova, Head of IT and Digital Technology at SIBUR.

“This web series is a new format of communication for us. We want to share insights on the working environment within the Company, letting the story of our interesting projects and processes in the corporate centre and across facilities be told by real characters – operators, engineers, managers, and development teams that were established at the Company at the onset of its digital transformation,” said Artur Bortsov, Corporate Communications Director at SIBUR. “Each episode reveals a certain corporate value, demonstrating what is right or wrong for a particular situation, with a focus on occupational safety. At the end of the series, the characters realise that it is only through partnership and teamwork that a smart result can be achieved.”

The series has amassed over 1.5 million views on YouTube. All episodes are available on SIBUR’s official YouTube channel here.

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