Film Festival Grand Prix

A film by SIBUR won the US International Film & Video Festival award.

Traditionally, the award is presented personally by the festival’s Chairman Lee Gluckman during his ad hoc personal visit to the winner's country.

Destination Tobolsk is devoted to complex logistic solutions used to construct ZapSibNeftekhim. The 30-minute film tells how to organise delivery of oversize cargo from seven countries to SIBUR’s construction site when motor transportation is impossible, a train with the equipment would not fit into a turn, and the Indian Ocean is home to Somali pirates.

The film's concept and visuals received high praise from the judges of this high-profile US International Film & Video Festival. The annual event takes place in the US since 1968. As claimed by the organisers, the goal is to show the best films shot for industrial, state and educational organisations to inform, educate and motivate the audience.

The film selection is split into Corporate, Education, Entertainment and Documentary categories. There is also a separate category for student films. The festival’s judges include top managers of leading global video production companies, and winners of Oscar and Emmy Awards. This year, they reviewed over 1,000 films from 30 countries. The grand prix was awarded to Destination Tobolsk.

“We wanted to show ZabSibNeftekhim's construction process and highlight that the facility will benefit not only SIBUR but the country as a whole,” said Artur Bortsov, Corporate Communications Director at SIBUR.

“Another goal was to attract potential employees; to do so, we broadcast the film on regional channels. If you want to catch people's attention today, it is no longer enough to say 'We are a huge company' – you need an interesting story and drama. Video content consumption is growing and stories like this – that can catch the audience – will be viewed and their makers will be winners.”

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