Fighting burnout

Russians name the causes of burnout at work and ways to combat it.

The SuperJob employment service asked Russians to name major causes of workplace burnout and the best ways to manage it. The survey results are available available on SuperJob’s website.

The survey was conducted on 9 –13 July 2019, covering 307 localities across all Russian federal districts. It involved 1,000 economically active people aged 18 and over.

Equal percentages of the respondents (11%) believe that burnout may result from stress, work routine, fatigue, mistreatment by management, or lack of interest in the job. Low salary, high workload, and strained relations with colleagues were each indicated by 9% of the survey participants as the reasons for burnout.

Lack of motivation was blamed by 5%, overwork and poor growth prospects by 4% each, and being undervalued at work by 2%. The remaining 15% of the respondents mentioned other reasons, including adverse working conditions, psychological pressure, instability, pointless work and meaningless tasks.

According to 18% of the respondents, vacation is the best way to deal with burnout, while 10% believe that finding a new job is the only solution. Another 10% suggest pulling yourself together, and 9% name fitness, outdoor activities, and travelling are the best anti-burnout strategies.

Some respondents believe that regular exercise helps combat job burnout.

Of those surveyed, 7% rely on seeking a higher salary as a burnout remedy, while better time-management and positive thinking, interesting work, and more breaks were named as such by 5% each. Taking an exciting hobby was favoured by 4% of the survey participants, with 3% advising to keep working against all odds. Spending more time with friends and family, and having a good sleep were each preferred by 2%. Other identified remedies (15%) included alcohol and sedatives, sick leave, and change of functions.

Anna Polyakova


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