SIBUR’s environmental successes

The Company’s efforts in ESG risk management and the use of eco-friendly production practices.

The international agency Sustainalytics, which rates the performance of companies on managing environmental, social and governance-related risks (ESG risks), published its updated ESG risk ratings. The ratings suggest that SIBUR has improved its ESG risk level by 5.7 points over the year to 19.4 in 2021. Thus, SIBUR ranked among the top 1% of companies with the lowest ESG risk level within the Chemicals Industry Group – it includes 444 companies with an average risk level of 35.4. In total, more than 12 thousand companies fr om different industries around the world were covered by the new ratings.

SIBUR ranked among the top 1% of companies with the lowest ESG risk level within the Chemicals Industry Group

Sustainalytics’ ESG risk rating has two dimensions, measuring a company’s exposure to industry-specific risks and how well a company is managing those risks. The lower the final score, the better the company’s performance on managing its ESG risks. In comparison with last year, SIBUR managed to achieve significant improvements on metrics such as environmental policy, environmental management system and its certification. For these factors the Company showed the highest scores.

“The identification, assessment and management of ESG risks are all part of the company’s overall risk management,” comments Alexey Kozlov, Member of the Management Board – Managing Director at SIBUR. “A significant reduction in the ESG risk level at SIBUR confirms the effectiveness of the measures SIBUR has in place to develop its management of ESG agenda, and its integration into all business processes. SIBUR will continue to be very active in this focus area.”

SIBUR was also ranked one of Russia’s top performers on environmental friendliness. For the first time Forbes published a ranking of top environmental performers among Russian companies. The methodology employed was based off the framework used by the US editorial board of Forbes and the investment company Just Capital to compile the Just 100 rankings, which list US companies with the best ESG practices. However, unlike the US rankings, wh ere the top of the list is dominated by IT companies and financial corporations, in Russia industrial giants are leading the charge.

SIBUR is among the leaders in the Forbes ranking. According to Mikhail Zamarin, the Moscow Public Environmental Commissioner, SIBUR is a model example of an industrial company active in plastics. He noted that the Company systematically and extensively works on areas such as efficient use of resources, reducing impact on the ecosystem, waste management and lean manufacturing. In particular, in 2020, SIBUR launched a project to produce green PET granules at POLIEF. Also included in the top ten are Mars, Sberbank, X5 Retail Group, Splat, Rosatom, ALROSA, Polymetal, ROSSETI, and UC Rusal.

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