“Plarus” upgraded equipment

«Europlast» Enterprise Association Plant will increase the production of secondary PET packaging recognition shop by 30 tons per day.

The Solnechnogorsk Plant “Plarus” (part of the “Europlast” Enterprise Association (EA)) reported on the completion of a large-scale modernization of equipment, which allowed to increase the productivity of the sorting shop of polymer packaging waste by 30 tons per day.

RTT sorting machines have been replaced by Tomra (Norway) Autosort separators, which allow sorting by polymer type and color using spectrometers for material recognition and further selection of the appropriate types of PET packaging using compressed air streams.

The new equipment provides a more efficient selection of the target fraction in an automatic mode, reducing the filling time of bunkers with sorted PET bottles.

“Plarus” is the only plant in Russia using the unique bottle-to-bottle PET processing technology

“We continue to work constantly to increase the volume and quality of our products, even though we periodically have difficulties with the supply of raw materials. The popularization of separate waste collection, in my view, would help not only to provide the plant with the missing raw materials, but also to increase the percentage of material that is returned to circulation both from garbage cans and during processing: clean raw materials are much easier to recover, more attention should be paid to environmental education and motivation of residents”, Tatiana Zakharova, general director of the “Plarus” plant commented on the modernization.

“Plarus” plastics processing plant is the only plant in Russia using the unique bottle-to-bottle PET processing technology. This means that the enterprise produces Clear PET granules from used PET bottles, from which new PET bottles are again made.

The main feature of this technology is the complete identity of the quality characteristics of the resultant products (reconstituted PET or RePET of Clear PET brand) with primary PET raw materials for food purposes.

“We started following the principles of the circular economy more than a decade ago, when it was not a global trend. The opening of the “Plarus” granular-reclaimed raw material plant was for us a social project aimed at improving the environment for the future of our children. Responsible approach to the conduct of business and adherence to the principles of the circular economy are our main priorities emphasizing that «Europlast» is a “green” company”, said in the interview “Sibur for clients” vice-president of the “Europlast” Enterprise Association Oleg Simkin.

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