Rules for effective online meetings

Tips for successful negotiation.

In recent months, most companies have had to do the lion’s share of negotiations over Zoom (or other digital virtual conferencing platforms), and in the future this share is only set to grow. In his article, Moty Cristal, Professor at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and CEO of NEST Consulting, explores the limitations of online meetings and shares the rules for successful online negotiation.

1. The most important rule is to be aware. Always be aware that online settings require different approaches than those used when sitting at the conference room table. This is key to successful negotiation.

2. Different platforms should be combined. Since the biggest drawback of virtual negotiations is missing out on important information and not being able to form personal connections, try to make up for these losses by using the Zoom chat, a group chat in WhatsApp or simply a brief phone conversation before the start of the negotiations. Follow up your meeting ASAP with an e-mail summarising the outcomes of the negotiation.

3. Keep shared materials simple. This will help you avoid misunderstandings and will prevent people from missing out on important information. Avoid displaying complex materials when you share your screen as well.

4. Make sure you can see all participants, even those who are silent. It’s important that you lay down several housekeeping rules on how to negotiate over Zoom. All participants should have their cameras on, and a moderator needs to be assigned to keep order and enforce the sequence of speakers.


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