Juggling the work-life balance

Russian workers have revealed how much time they spend on their work and free time.

According to a survey by the employment website Superjob, 48% of Russians are able to strike a balance between their job and personal life. Lawyers and accountants scored the highest, while healthcare professionals and PR managers and executives struggled the most.

Almost half (48%) of working Russians who took part in the survey by Superjob, believe that they have found a good balance between their work and personal life.

41% of respondents chose the opposite answer: 38% of them focus more on their job and career, with 3% spending more time on their personal life.

25% of young respondents stated that they prioritise their career

According to the survey, young people are better at effectively maintaining a balance between their career and personal life: this option was selected by 58% of respondents under 24. 25% of people in this category stated that they prioritise their career.

45% of working Russians over 45 were able to achieve a work-life balance. 40% focus on their career, and only 3% on their personal life.

Superjob notes that income also affects a worker’s priorities. 32% of those who earn less than RUB 29,000 per month focus on work. This option was also selected by 36% of respondents earning between RUB 30,000 and RUB 49,000, 34% of respondents making between RUB 50,000 and RUB 79,000 and 43% of respondents who take home RUB 80,000 or more.

The survey shows that lawyers (58%), accountants (54%), economists (53%), secretaries, client managers and call centre operators (51% in each category) are the best at balancing their work and personal life. Respondents with the worst work-life balance include healthcare professionals (39%), marketing managers (40%), sales managers, PR managers and executives (41% in each category).

Among the surveyed professions, programmers and executives (49% in each category) as well as healthcare professionals (46%) focus on their jobs the most.

In early November, a survey by the job-search site rabota.ru showed that 43% of Russian workers intended to jump ship from their current work in the coming year. 21% of respondents planned to land a side job in 2021, and 9% wanted to find a new hobby.

The survey asked 4,500 respondents above 18 in permanent employment, spanning 24 groups of professions, with 200 respondents in each group. The survey took place across Russia from 18 October to 9 November.

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