The Fixies on plastics

SIBUR helps release a new episode of popular animated series The Fixies.

As a committed member of the Responsible Care initiative and a major polymer producer, SIBUR makes every effort to promote environmentally friendly products and the principles of circular economy. Proper disposal and recycling can make plastics one of the most eco-friendly materials today.

The episode on plastic recycling gathered over three million views in the first few weeks.

To tell children about responsible use of plastic, SIBUR took part in the production of The Fixies, a popular animated series. The new episode will help young viewers understand why it is so important to sort and recycle plastics, how recycling works, and whether or not waste can be given a new lease of life.

“SIBUR is becoming increasingly focused on raising environmental awareness among various groups of people, with children being a key one. Circular economy and responsible consumption are not buzzwords – they are integral to our lives. Animators can explain these simple but very important rules in a clear and accessible manner, reaching out not only to children, but also to adults (even I enjoyed watching this animated cartoon). I think we did a good job after all,” said Pavel Lyakhovich, Managing Director at SIBUR.

The episode uploaded on The Fixies' official YouTube channel gathered over three million views in the first few weeks.

Click here to watch the episode.

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