In the Q&AS section, our top managers answer the most interesting and relevant questions from our readers sent in via our official social-media accounts.

The CIS countries see a general trend of PP and PE oversupply. Russia will continue to be the main sales market for the consolidated company. Please elaborate on the company’s strategy under these macro assumptions (in particular, taking into account the outcomes of the company’s major projects).

It’s interesting that SIBUR hasn’t given us any information on how the construction of the air terminal is progressing, and hasn’t even shown us the project. Is it kept secret? We already know about the airfield, as it has been put on the official registries. (Facebook)

When will you be launching the AGCC project? (Facebook)  

Today, many countries have started to ban plastic bags and replace them with paper ones. Are paper bags really more eco-friendly than plastic ones, considering how many trees are cut to make them? (VK)    

What steps does SIBUR take to promote the ESG agenda?

What sustainability KPIs are in place for the marketing team?

What steps is the Company taking to stop the spread of the coronavirus?

What is your view on the situation in the Company’s key markets? How do you assess your business position and development prospects given the current macroenvironment? What steps is the Company taking?

What is the situation like in China now? Have you noticed any changes associated with production resumption after the quarantine was lifted?

Per capita consumption of BOPP films in Europe stands at 2.4 kg p.a., while in Russia it's 1.2 kg p.a. What products drive consumption in Europe beyond that in Russia?

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