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Sergey Komyshan, member of the Management Board and Executive Director at SIBUR speaks about launching SIBUR PolyLab as another step towards its Clients.

Dear Clients and Partners,

SIBUR is taking yet another step towards building a productive partnership with its Clients. In May, SIBUR PolyLab, an R&D centre for the development and testing of polymer products, was opened in Skolkovo. Partnering with polymer processing companies, the R&D centre will focus on developing advanced materials, making and testing product samples, and assessing the efficiency of the polyolefin processing technology.

With these joint efforts, SIBUR will be able to improve product composition to meet all Client needs, while its Clients will be able to improve the performance of end products. Client support in introducing new polymer grades along with claim management by the tech support staff will become another milestone in the evolution of SIBUR's comprehensive approach to relations with its partners.

Among other things, the R&D centre seeks to develop polymer recycling. Though this topic is galvanising the public and regulators, we need to understand that it is not only about the introduction of production technologies and legislation, but also about the transformation of public opinion that the transition to circular economy requires. This was announced by SIBUR at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, where the main agenda this year was sustainable development, and has been covered in our new SIBUR for Clients issue.

The world is setting increasingly stringent requirements for environmentally friendly materials that should already be met. In late May, SIBUR's Perm site saw the launch of dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) facility that will fully meet the needs of the domestic plasticiser market, contribute to product mix growth and development of eco-friendly plastics.

The launch of the DOTP production is one of the Company's numerous investment projects. Another step towards developing the investment policy is the recent cooperation agreement between SIBUR and Sinopec (China) for a potential joint venture (JV) that could be based at the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, should the project be approved.

Modern trends in the petrochemical industry, such as custom product solutions, companies teaming up in major projects, including the development of recycling, would not be impossible without synergies in the industry. For details please see our new SIBUR for Clients issue.

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