POLYPLASTIC launches a new shop

The Klimovsky Pipe Plant put on stream a new MULTIPIPE shop.

On 20 May, the Klimovsky Pipe Plant, part of POLYPLASTIC Group, launched a new shop for multilayer pipes marketed under the MULTIPIPE brand. The plant will sell a large portion of these products in the Moscow Region as part of local infrastructure development programmes.

“The 20 ktpa shop equipped with five state-of-the-art production lines for gas and water pressure pipes and high-voltage electrical cables is set to create 45 jobs,” said Lev Gorilovsky, President of POLYPLASTIC Group at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Europe's largest plastic pipe manufacturer since 2007, the Klimovsky Pipe Plant boasts production capacities and an output of as much as 80 and more than 50 ktpa, respectively.

“These special-purpose multilayer pipes are a true innovation: their inner layer is neither erasable nor flammable. The pipes see demand from a broad range of industrial companies as they are four to five times more durable than other types.”

Investments in the new MULTIPIPE shop exceeded RUB 100 m.

POLYPLASTIC Group is one of SIBUR’s partners. The two companies work together to implement NIOST research initiatives and develop new grades.

Miron Gorilovsky, CEO of POLYPLASTIC Group, noted that ZapSibNeftekhim's product portfolio is expected to include a broad offering of pipe grade polyethylene. “We don’t yet know the exact grade range, but we can assume based on the technologies and equipment used that it'll be the modern PE100+ polyethylene grades,” he said, adding that the Russian market is in need of additional volumes of high-quality polyethylene for piping applications.

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