Cutting reliance on imports

Upgrade of HOMA’s polyvinylacetate (PVAc) dispersion line will reduce the Russian economy’s dependence on foreign adhesives.

On 24 April, HOMA, SIBUR’s long-term partner, celebrated the launch of an upgraded PVAc dispersions processing line in Dzerzhinsk, the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The new equipment added to the line is expected to double the output of PVAc-based glues. The facility will satisfy the growing demand for modern, durable and non-toxic glues from wood processing, furniture, and packaging industries. The upgrade will increase the facility’s capacity 2.5 times, with the products to be sold both domestically and internationally.

Russian glues are on a par with foreign-made counterparts, but many companies have to import it as a result of scarce domestic supply. HOMA’s upgrade will partly solve the problem.

Opening ceremony of PVAc dispersion line.

HOMA has been producing polymer dispersions and glues for various industries since 1998. By 2017, its total capacity was over 30 ktpa.

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