Client Editorial Board

SIBUR for Clients welcomes its readers to the Client Editorial Board.

In April 2018, SIBUR held a strategic session on its SIBUR for Clients digital edition jointly with the partners from the Company’s various businesses. The event aimed to discuss the magazine devising an action plan to improve audience appeal. The session yielded a number of initiatives, one of which was setting up the Client Editorial Board. We are now delighted to welcome our clients to SIBUR for Clients as an additional communication platform.

Together with offering a unique opportunity to jointly create the most relevant petrochemical content, it also enables you to introduce your business to a wide audience of industry peers in Russia and abroad. Please share your news and information about your business, or ask questions to the SIBUR's management , with the answers to follow in the next issues.

In this issue, you will find a number of articles that have already been written in collaboration with our partners:

Conflex SPb production upgrade;

Interview with Roman Kizimov, CEO of TD Plastic-Uzlovaya.

If you would like to join the Client Editorial Board, please email to

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