BIAXPLEN at Labelexpo Europe

Russia’s leading producer of BOPP films attended an international trade show in Belgium.

Labelexpo Europe is the world’s largest label and package printing trade show. Held in Brussel, the 40th anniversary edition of the event featured the most advanced technologies in label and package printing, machinery, consumables and software. On the whole, the exhibition attracted 37,903 visitors from 140 countries, who came to see 693 exhibitors occupy about 40,000 sq m.

This time, the exhibition centred around hybrid printing and flexible packaging technologies.

This time, the exhibition centred around hybrid printing and flexible packaging technologies. Lisa Milburn, Managing Director at Labelexpo Global Series, said: “Flexible packaging is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of the label and package printing industry, so we decided to incorporate it as a major feature at our 40th anniversary edition of Labelexpo Europe.”

BIAXPLEN took part at the 2019 trade show for the first time. The Company presented more than 50 types of BOPP film, with films for wrap-around, self-adhesive and in-mould labelling playing centre stage.

In its negotiations with customers, the Company teamed up with Manucor, an Italian manufacturer (BIAXPLEN is now a contributor to the share capital of Manucor and has a 50% stake in it).

Given the current environmental agenda, the trade fair put a sharp focus on sustainable development. Today, there are more and more circular economy solutions offered by packaging manufacturers. Global majors undertake strict obligations on using recycled feedstock and ensuring a certain percentage of recycled content in packaging that gives impetus to further development.

For manufacturers, this trend means searching new solutions in cooperation with their customers. BIAXPLEN plans to develop such solutions through engaging with SIBUR NIOST R&D centre and SIBUR PolyLab R&D hub.

Participants of the 40th edition of Labelexpo in Brussel. Photo:

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